Who We Are:

Chlystek & White Services, Inc. (CWS) is an information service for P&C insurance companies, third party administrators, MGA's and self-insured groups. CWS provides updated financial and other underwriting information via physical, telephone and voluntary "self" premium audits. Our service features experienced professional auditors and QC staff, state-of-the-art Internet technology, and dedicated customer service representatives. Our mission is to provide accurate information to the carrier, enhance the professional relationship between the Agent and the policyholder/insured, and make the premium audit experience easy and productive for the policyholder.

Our History:

CWS, Inc. has successfully served the premium audit needs of commercial lines insurance providers since 1988 with roots to 1968.

Where We Are:

Chlystek & White Services
1601 Galbraith Avenue Southeast
Suite 302
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
local: 616.957.0098
toll-free: 800.523.8501
Fax: 616.957.8972

Contact Information:

Main Office Extensions
Stefanie Bayer 616.464.7964
Mark deWaal 616.464.7846
Jean Greenhoe 616.464.7764
Marla Leahy 616.464.7846
David Shawver 616.464.7768
Taylor Smith 616.464.7762
Ann Vos 616.464.7766
John Zigterman 616.464.7776
CWS Employees
may be contacted through the main office or by emailing them directly.

For email, follow this formula: first initial + last name @cws-gr.com.
Branch Offices
Stefanie Bayer Phone and Voluntary 616-464-7964
Eric Gravens Kentucky 616-464-7916
Taylor Smith Michigan 616-464-7762
Greg Thill Greater St. Louis/Missoui 616-464-7948
Greg Thill Illinois and Wisconsin 616-464-7878
Bob Warren Indiana and Ohio 616-464-7824